The songs in Koi Fish in Resonance were originally written about people I've met and emotions I've felt during my college years between 2016⁠–⁠2018. During that time, I was lucky enough to share these songs with friends with whom I would start a band and perform in our local underground music scene. There, I was able to explore new music from all the artists within the scene and learn about my writing style.

It was a period of development for many reasons. Not only in the sense of exploring and expanding my musical experiences but simply for my being—I was meeting new people, learning how to socialize (I was rather a recluse in high school), figuring out how to regulate my emotions within myself, defining my moral compass—a lot was happening and it was all so new to me.

About the process.

"Koi Fish in Resonance" almost comes as a way to relive what I experienced back then—kind of in a different, yet somewhat familiar way. I took a strong break from music between 2020 and 2023 from (foolishly) deciding that I had to choose between pursuing photography or music as a career for the rest of my life, but I realized I could still do both in parallel and intertwine the two (I really just missed my first love haha).

I wanted to reminisce and relearn how to be a musician and writer again, so I took my old songs and went back to the drawing board. From the ground up, I rewrote lyrics, bass, and guitar sections, as well as taught myself how to play the drums so I could write my own parts for it. Recording the songs was also a process in itself because I had to set up and teach myself how to use all the equipment I splurged on to turn my bedroom into a recording studio—complete with audio panels, bass traps, and DIY audio treatment. Not to mention outboard recording gear including EQ and compressors, new microphones, and an audio interface.

I'm highly proud of the EP and how it came out. I'm glad to be sharing it with everyone. Thank you for reading, and enjoy listening to the new EP <3

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