The Effects Bakery Bagel Overdrive Pedal is a fun mini overdrive pedal with the perfect voicing for a crunchy pedal.

Build Quality.

Firstly, I was surprised that the pedal is extremely well-built, especially for a budget mini pedal priced at $45. I would expect something with a plastic build at this price range, but the Bagel Overdrive had a much more hefty build. Due to its weight and sound when the pedal is tapped, the casing seems to be made of a die-cast metal (or what I presume to be metal). The casing is also somewhat textured without a smooth finish. While the knobs are plastic, they don't feel flimsy. They turn smoothly without a "scratchy" feel which is common in cheap knobs. The Bagel Overdrive has three knobs—volume, drive, and tone—which are standard for many drive pedals.

@chairsoutside This is how the Effects Bakery Bagel Overdrive sounds! A very crunchy gear review demo! #guitar #guitaristsoftiktok #knowyourtone #pedalboard #effectspedals #musiciansoftiktok #overdrivepedal ♬ original sound - Phillip Andrew


Where this pedal shines is the voicing in its drive sound. The way it is EQ'd hits a good sweet spot, either when the drive knob is cranked to 100% as a standalone pedal or 30-50% as a faux boost when stacking it with other drive pedals. I tend to use it more as the latter because it adds great texture to my other drive pedals including the Animals Pedal Push & Pull Distortion and Animals Pedal I Was a Wolf in the Forest Distortion for lead guitar parts.

I will say, though, that there is a noticeable "clipping" to the sound at lower drive and volume settings. In my YouTube video review, it is noticeable starting around the 10:02 timestamp. I assume it's due to the limitations of a mini pedal's interior build, as my standard-sized drive effect pedals don't have this issue. Regardless, it's only a minor issue.


Overall, the Effects Bakery Bagel Overdrive Pedal is a great bang-for-the-buck pedal and serves nicely as a first-purchase drive pedal or a boost for other drive pedals.

Thanks for reading!

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